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Start date: Saturday June 17th 2023
End date: Saturday June 17th 2023
Participants: Minimal 20, maximal 60
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Study load: 6 hours
Contact hours: 6
Contact days: 1
Language: English
Ratio practice and theory: Mostly theoretical
Level: expert
Code number: 2304252
E learning: No
Masterclass: Yes
Exam: No
Certificate: Yes

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Saturday afternoon and evening June 17th 2023


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Learning outcome

The goal of this masterclass is to provide the most recent insights about the role of physical training in cancer rehabilitation and its influence on the survival chances of cancer patients. The participants will also gain more knowledge about basic exercise physiological mechanisms of training in (ex) cancer patients and will learn how to use this knowledge in tailor-made provision of physiotherapy to this group of patients.


This masterclass will be conducted by Lee Jones, PhD, an international expert in the field of 'exercise oncology'. Lee Jones is professor and researcher at the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York, USA.

Dr. Jones will review the latest evidence and implications for exercise prescription in four distinct areas of exercise oncology:

  1. Exercise training pre-treatment
    In this area, Dr. Jones will review the latest evidence supporting the effects and tolerability of structured exercise therapy on cardiorespiratory fitness in patients receiving active cancer treatments (chemotherapy, androgren deprivation therapy). He will also review ongoing trials examining the effects of exercise to improve tolerability of cancer therapies.

  2. Exercise training during-treatment
    This section will review the latest evidence examining the efficacy of optimal type and dose of exercise training to recover treatment-related late effects.

  3. Exercise training post-treatment
    This section will review the rationale for a precision medicine approach to the development of exercise as treatment for cancer. Specifically, the latest observational and preclinical evidence will be reviewed.

  4. Exercise and tumor pathogenesis
    This will section will continue from part 1 to review the evidence from clinical trials investigating the effects and mechanisms of exercise as cancer treatment. It will also review the use of a digital platform to deliver and test exercise at high-fidelity.


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