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elisabeth-berents-pt-mvo Elisabeth Berents, PT, MVO,
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Theme area: Lymphology and oncology
Target group: Physiotherapists
Start date: Wednesday May 5th 2021
End date: Wednesday May 5th 2021
Participants: Minimal 20, maximal 50
Study load: 3 hours
Contact hours: 3
Contact days: 1
Language: English
Ratio practice and theory: Mostly theoretical
Level: expert
Code number: 2005861
E learning: No
Masterclass: Yes
Exam: No
Certificate: Yes

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Wednesday afternoon May 5th 2021


Disability is a major threat to the long-term health and survival in persons with cancer. Deconditioning, treatment-related persistent side-effects and symptoms, and pre-existing conditions combine to impact mobility and physical functioning.

Restoring physical functioning can be optimized through the use of functional resistance training. Our research has demonstrated that a functional resistance training program can improve objective and self-report measures of physical function in breast and prostate cancer survivors, even well after their treatment has ended. We argue that functionally based training is superior to machine-based training at restoring physical functioning and participation in work and life roles. However, instruction of functional training is more challenging than machine-based training because patients often present with reduced mobility as a result of weakness, limited range of motion, sarcopenic obesity, treatment-related toxicities, and pre-existing orthopedic issues. These mobility limitations can impede the instruction of functional movements (i.e., chair sit stand, squat, lunge, etc) because patients cannot maintain proper posture or perform dynamic movements correctly. If patients cannot achieve good form or are delayed in mastering form the functional training program cannot progress. Restoring mobility and teaching proper movement posture prior to or concurrent with the introduction of functional movements is key to the success of a functional training program.

We have changed our research exercise programs to incorporate a phase of “movement prep” in the first 4-6 weeks of our functional resistance training program. Movement prep involves teaching participants specific exercises that strengthen their hips, core, and key stabilizing muscles that play a major role for proper movement patterns that must be in place in order to properly perform more difficult compound exercises such as squats, lunges, step up, etc. These exercises are much easier to teach and learn which gives participants time to develop body awareness and confidence to then take on the compound exercises in functional strength training exercises. This workshop will introduce the principals of “movement prep” for attendees, walk them through the “movement prep” exercises used in our functional training program, and provide a framework for incorporating ‘movement prep’ in to a functional training program for cancer patients.


Wednesday afternoon May 5th 2021: 13.00 - 16.00

Course price

€ 150,00 including coffee, tea, water, fruit and cake



At the end of this course, participants will know the principals of ‘movement prep’, how ‘movement prep’ exercises can be used in a functional training program, and they will have a framework for incorporating ‘movement prep’ in to a functional training program for cancer patients.


Lecture, discussion


  • Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen (route)
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