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marjan-van-keeken Marjan (M.T.) van Keeken

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elisabeth-berents-pt-mvo Elisabeth Berents, PT, MVO,
Educational consultant, Association of Danish Physiotherapists (DFys)
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Theme area: Lymphology and oncology
Target group: Physiotherapists
Start date: Wednesday May 5th 2021
End date: Wednesday May 5th 2021
Participants: Minimal 20, maximal 50
Study load: 3 hours
Contact hours: 3
Contact days: 1
Language: English
Ratio practice and theory: Mostly theoretical
Level: expert
Code number: 2005891
E learning: No
Masterclass: Yes
Exam: No
Certificate: Yes

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Wednesday afternoon May 5th 2021


Exercise is now considered safe for those with or at risk of developing lymphedema following cancer. However, how much exercise is enough, how much is too much and what type of exercise is best? This workshop will:

  1. cover why we should even consider exercise with respect to the prevention and/or treatment of lymphedema.
  2. present the findings of a systematic literature review which was conducted to assess 1) the role of exercise in lymphedema prevention; 2) the acute and longer term effects of exercise training on lymphoedema; 3) summarize the strength of evidence for various types of exercise; and 4) summarize the evidence relating to the need to wear compression during exercise.
  3. discuss national and international exercise guidelines and compare these against the exercise and lymphedema evidence.
  4. translate how this evidence can be used in clinical practice by:
    a. giving practical examples of an exercise program
    b. exploring common barriers faced by those with lymphedema and brainstorming ways to address and overcome these barriers
    c. demonstrating how generalized guidelines can be individually-applied.


Wednesday afternoon May 5th 2021: 13.00 - 16.00

Course price

€ 150,00 including coffee, tea, water, fruit and cake



At the end of this workshop, participants will have the theoretical and practical know-how regarding how they can get their patients exercising regularly, what type and dose of exercise can be prescribed and how can they adequately monitor the role of exercise with respect to their lymphoedema management and patient’s overall health.


Lecture, discussion


  • Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen (route)
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