General conditions

The terms and conditions of the Dutch Institute of Allied Health Care (NPi) apply to every offer, quotation and agreement between NPi and a client to whom NPi has declared these terms and conditions applicable, insofar as these terms and conditions have not been expressly deviated from by the parties in writing.

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Training terms and conditions

We have specific conditions for signing up for a training and attending a training

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Assignments for practical assignments/examinations and the assessment results as well as internship reports and portfolios will be kept for at least three years from the moment the participant has finished the training.  Assignments for practical assignments/exams as well as internship reports and portfolios will be kept strictly confidential and will not be used for purposes other than the training in the context of which the material is submitted.


Procedure if you have complaints

The Dutch Institute of Allied Health Care (NPi) organizes a large number of courses every year and has built up years of experience. The NPi strives to organize its courses to the satisfaction of the participants. However, it is possible that a participant has a complaint about a course followed or about a procedure.

If you wish, you can notify the NPi of any complaint by telephone or by e-mail.

If you wish to make your complaint known by telephone, please contact the relevant course coordinator with the following information in the e-mail:

  • Your name, address and telephone number. 
  • The title and the date of the course you have a complaint about.
  • Description of the complaint.

Within one week of receipt of a complaint, the complainant receives a confirmation of receipt of the complaint and the notification that the complaint has been processed and who will handle the complaint within four weeks of receipt.

Complaints and the manner of handling are treated confidentially and recorded and kept for a period of three years.

In the event that the complaint can not be resolved to the satisfaction of the parties, it is possible to submit the complaint to an independent third party, namely Jacqueline Spierdijk, in which the judgment is binding on the parties.